To Write, or Not to Write? — That is the question

As you can tell from my sporadic posting to my own blog, I don’t write for the love of writing, but for self-reflection, or to document something which I feel compelled to communicate. Even so, when I do write I receive encouragement from others to continue, so I assume the writing is effective. My presence in social media is equally impressive to that in my blog, with one or two posts a year, maybe (MAYBE) a visit to Facebook or LinkedIn once in a while, certainly when someone asks if I saw their request to connect.

Recently, an increasing number of individuals have asked if what I teach to and mentor in others has been published anywhere, and if I have written (or will be writing) any books. Talking with people over a video session of which I happen to be part — answering questions posed, my getting to know them and they getting to know me — I find enjoyable and energizing. What I gain from such sessions is at least equivalent to the feedback I receive concerning what others feel they have gained. With publishing, if I’m honest with myself, I believe my hesitation comes down to knowing once I start there is a perceived expectation of my availability and regular publications (on social media and such). I hate to disappoint people, so by avoiding publications I avoid the risk.

You see, I enjoy my free and untethered life at this time, living in the rural North Idaho panhandle (about three hours from Canada), my life runs at the pace of this small community (though it is growing rapidly). After a day of consultatory meetings and code-level solutioning, I can step away from my computer and do anything from reading a book, spending time in my backyard, walking a mountain trail or along a nearby river — without the responsibilities of caring for an immediate family, I am free to let the rest of my day go in any direction. Regular publications and sessions will require additional time at the computer, to fulfill a perceived committed to maintain regular communication.

After being pursued (hounded?) by a precious individual (whom I have enjoyed mentoring for the past few years) to step out and publish more frequently and broadly, I have to admit I have been selfish in avoiding the responsibilities which come along with the pleasure of sharing with others insights collected during my twenty-five-year (plus) career in software development and delivery. It is truly a pleasure every time I collaborate with others, not a burden, but something I enjoy.

So, with this (my irregular and infrequent) post, is my commitment to step into the adventure of connecting with and sharing with the software development/delivery community more intentionally and consistently. I will begin with more frequent blog posts, and (with the help of my self-appointed “manager”, bless her heart) extend to other avenues.

There are times when, as comfortable as you are with your effectiveness, you are challenged to be reconciled to a bold change, for the benefit of others, and to yourself. A time to be honest about the perceived impediments (fears and anxieties) which held you back, face them honestly, and determine how to proceed boldly. This happens to be my time to face those impediments, embrace the challenges, be innovative in addressing them, taking hold of the adventure — so I choose to…

Be reconciled!

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