The variety of things I have wanted to publish online caused me to put off posting to my blog.  I was also concerned about starting a blog without a clear purpose.  Recently, however, my daughter started The Rusty Dog, a blog about her adventures with foster dogs (which I HIGHLY recommend, even for those not interested in dogs), which has inspired me to get started.

I struggled for quite a while, wanting to begin with a topic that establishes well the cornerstone of my beliefs, However, I found that virtually impossible.  Every belief is supported by many others, is only understood well in the context of the rest; they only hold together as a whole.  Reading my posts will be like watching an artist work on a huge canvas, moving from one seemingly random section to another, painting just enough in each to somewhat make sense on its own, leaving a feeling there is more yet to be displayed.  Only as section grow in size and detail, intersecting with others, does the observer begin to truly understand what the artist saw from the very start.

I now believe we are all like this: others only truly know and understand us if they have shared many varied life experiences with us, over time.  So my blog will contain many varied topics, from philosophy and theology, to family and relationships, to jobs and software development, and much more.  However, I believe there is one common theme that will run throughout my posts, regardless of the topic: reconciliation.  I believe all life is about reconciliation.  Hence, the title of my blog, “Life Reconciled”.

While I invite questions, comments and suggestions, and will be willing at times to “defend” my beliefs, this is primarily a venue for those interested in what I have to share, not for comparing or scrutinizing various beliefs.  My hope is my blog will be a resource for family, friends, acquaintances and future generations to learn who I truly am; for me to pass on the little understanding, wisdom and knowledge I have collected through my short life here on earth.

I hope you choose to visit often, as it will give me the opportunity to get to know you, as well.

Be reconciled!

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