Mentors – agents of reconciliation

As a fan of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, I anticipated a strong 2015 season.  They already had a very strong pitching rotation, and acquired outstanding batter Nelson Cruz.  However, they struggled quite a bit; the most notable disappointment was the performance of Robinson Cano, a strong leader during the 2014 season.

Just before the All-Star Break, the Mariners hired Mariners Hall of Fame member, Edgar Martinez, as the batting coach.  During an interview, Robinson Cano commented on the new hire with great anticipation.  He obviously considered Edgar as more than a hitting coach — as a mentor.

I agree with the statement, “you are where you are today, because you chose to be here.”  Mentors are called upon when a person realizes that their current situation is the result of their own understanding and choices, and that it falls short of their desired situation.  They may lack the knowledge, experience or motivation required to implement the necessary change.  Mentors help align (or reconcile) our lives with the results we hope to experience.

In my opinion, everyone benefits from at least one mentor in their life, someone they trust to challenge their current ways of thinking, communicating and behaving.  Most of us desire to grow in at least one area of our lives, and that usually involves thoughts and activities we have not implemented before.  Mentors lend a hand in getting us to the next step of growth.

I recently heard of a ministry called Love Inc of Pierce County (Washington State), which has a mentoring program to help folks secure lasting employment.  Realizing this means more than just getting them hired, the ministry emphasizes guidance in how people think, communicate and behave.

Helping a person experience new life involves reconciling what they believe about their identify how they talk to and about others, the choices they make, habits they have and how they behave.  Persevering with them through these changes, empathizing while prodding, is an investment worth the effort.

Regardless of what your life is like today, choosing a mentor will certainly help ensure your success; being a mentor will help ensure the success of another.  Having a mentor promotes growth in your own life; being a mentor promotes growth in another’s life.  Be mentored, and be a mentor.

Be reconciled!